Friday, 24 February 2012

First Blog!!!


Welcome to our blog! We are Figgy and Lane and together we are FIGGY LANE. 

We're kind of new to this blogging malarky so be kind. And be our friends. 

Wooowwww first blogs are HARD to write!! 

Tomorrow we are going to a party and in true Figgy Lane style need the best costumes EVER. At the moment figgy is planning on being Cher but she might regret that later and want to turn back time..... Ooooh that was smooth. And I (the Lanester) am going as either our adopted cat Hamish or Katy Perry. Its a pretty similar choice and Im sure I could just use the same costume for either...... Hamish is known for wearing iced buns on his boobies and dyeing his hair. 

Whatever we go as we are pretty HARDCORE fancy dressers especially figgy who will go to all extremes... for example latexing whiskers/wrinkles/noses/moles/caveman beards..... you name it..... I think my favourite outfit would have to be when I went to a party as a typewriter, not your typical slutty typewriter either. Over to Figgy.....


She's shy. NOT she's just a lazy bum. 

Please stay tuned as this blog is bound to be exciting as it's all about us!! Silly stuff like crazy over the top colourful cakes, our nail stand "Jolly Good Nails", picture a day, our amazing artistic creations and ANYTHING that we LOVE that is CRAZY, COLOURFUL and CREATIVE!

Lots of Love

Figgy and Lane. xxxx