Sunday, 25 March 2012


No its not a spelling mistake! This blog isn't about pancakes but a much cuter but just as yummy sweet treat! As mentioned in a previous blog I promised a picture of my sisters birthday cake - as it wasn't exactly your typical birthday cake but a certain furry little friend!!

"Yummy yummy yummy I've got cake in my tummy..."

My mum isn't the biggest cake eater ( I know I KNOW how can you not be a cake eater?!?)  but even she managed to squeeze in a couple of slices of this little munchkin so apparently he didn't last very long! I also have been told that he was slightly dangerous as a couple of family members ended up with cocktail sticks in their mouths.... maybe a different way to attach body parts in future.....

Anyway after making this cake for my sister quite a lot of her friends have dropped into conversation with me when their birthdays are and what their favourite cake flavour is..... I think cake season is just beginning.... But from Panda Lane.. ttfn!

Monday, 19 March 2012


It has been a while since we last posted something so I thought I'd get things moving again! Figgy and Lane have recently been to the land of Munich and had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G few days! As my friend Bobbie sings sunn is shinnninngggggg, the ICE CREAM was sweeetttttt...

Possibly the most yummy ice creams I have ever eaten?!

In true Figgy Lane style we had to rock some funky nails for the trip.................... 

(Click to enlarge - Lane's ladybirds left, Figgy's MUNICH right!)

Quite often we paint each others nails to avoid that tricky hand you have to do with your non dominant hand but I (Lane) had gone home for my sisters birthday (cake pictures to follow!) so we had to do our own! This means some of my ladybird eyes are slightly wiggly (Also I am VERY impatient and didn't really wait  till it had dried when topcoating) but I hope the overall cuteness is recieved. Figgy's nails read MU-N-I-C-H!!

Anyway now we are back we'll get back to blogging! Just for you our one little wig-waming follower, hopefully you will have friends soon!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spaghetti and Meatballs!!

Hey!! Feeling a bit peckish? A couple of days ago it was Papa Lane's birthday so I made him this bowl of spaghetti.... eh eh did I have you fooled?? It is actually a chocolate cake!!! And if I say so myself a pretty yummy chocolate cake!! 

It consists of the cake, then a layer of frosting "spaghetti", then a layer of red frosting "tomato" sauce, then some icing "carrot" chunks, followed by the meatballs- none other then your innocent ferrero rochers, with a sprinkle of grated "cheese" or white chocolate on the top. 

I hope Mumma Dolmio would be proud. Over and out The Lane.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Ahhhh good old Pablo. Here boy! He's a dog by the way! In homage to Pablo, we painted our friends nails with beautiful dalmatians and his name. I'm sure that if Pablo could read he would be very happy with them!

This one's for you Pablo! Take it away DJ!!

The Figster!


Meet Edward the elephant teapot!! He is the most beautiful thing I have ever made in ceramics (and that's saying a lot!)

He even has red toenails :D:D:D:D and a tail, which you can't see and he is the most efficient teapot as you don't end up with shaking arms as you pour the tea out of him because he has two handles! 

Edward you would be more useful to me if I actually drank tea.... but you are still beautiful to look at in the kitchen. 

The Figster

Colouring Pencils.

Ever wondered what to do with left over colouring pencils? Ever been out and about and suddenly realised you wished you had a pack of colouring pencils on you to do a bit of shading? Well look no further!

This a necklace I made for this VERY purpose! Dragons den here I come!!! Love the Lane.

Cat Leg

We have a friend called Cat, who's going out with a guy with the surname Leg, and we have a running joke in our friendship group that if they get married she will be called Cat Leg! haaaa 

So in true Figgy Lane style we had to make her a cat leg cake :D

This is the only good picture we had of it, as we completely forgot to take a pic until it had been cut and eaten... but you get the gist of it!

(It was carrot and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting and minty chocolate for the claws and it tasted gooooooood!)


Meet the cutest cat in the world!!!!!! Before you get too scared no I'm not a crazy cat lady who is going to post hundreds of pictures of her cats doing different things, just this one as you have to admit... he is SOO CUTE. Also if it makes it better he is my adopted cat. Figgy named him Hamish, but the other day we found out his name is.... wait for it.... Josh..... we feel Hamish or Hammy as he's known is wayyyyy more appropriate. Also don't worry I think Josh's real parents know how attached we are to him as today they came out the house while Hammy was just chilling sat on my lap. 

Has anyone ever read the Where's Wally books were you look for the dogs tail on each page? Figgy says she does that looking for Hammy in our garden every morning as all she can see is a fluffy orange tail.

Love from the Lane.


So me and the Lane have a nail stall at Uni called 'Jolly Good Nails' where we paint peoples nails for a couple of quid in order to raise money for our degree show. We've done some funky nails, but my favourites have to be pacman nails!

waga waga waga waga...       (that's the noise pacman makes if you didn't quite know what I was doing there...)

So here they are!! Hope you love them as much as I do :D

Peace out Gnomies 


Hey it's Figgy again!

Just thought I'd share my other amazing cake with you! I made it for my Dad's 60th birthday. He's a classical guitarist so I thought a guitar would be pretty appropriate :D

It was next to the radiator for quite a while, so the icing melted off slightly...

Shaun the Sheep.


It's the Lane! Me and Figgy are getting a bit or a reputation for our crazy cakes and the monkey cake she made me was SOOO YUMMY. As our birthdays are the same week it was a pretty big week on the cake calendar and the war was on to make each other the most amazing cakes EVER, without the help of each other........ I decided to make Figgy a rainbow cake.... so each layer of sponge would be a different colour.

This was the plan, and it was going pretty smoothly me and my little helper made 5 of the layers the night before and the colours were quite pale as we used natural food colourings (big mistake!) but it was going okay. Then a couple of my friends came to visit me with the most AMAZING rainbow cake in the world. It is clearly something about me and my friends that we both had the same idea to make a rainbow sponge cake... something I don't think is that common, but correct me on that if I'm wrong. ANYWAY I then had to do some drastic changing and make the rainbow cake into something funky....... Figgy has a certain soft spot for a well known famous sheep so the cake was made (a cake that was SO huge it had 18 eggs in it!!!!) 

Voila!!! Hope you like, sorry we've ate it all now so you won't be able to sample it...... 

Shaun the Sheep.

See you later, Alligator.

Monkey Cake

Heeeeeeeeey! It's Figgy!

Just thought I'd post a picture of the amazing cake that I made The Lane for her birthdaaaaay!

She gave me the challenge of making a sitting up monkey holding a mini version of her in its arms.... after much thought and lying on the floor thinking about what to do, me and my flatmate Bean came up with a design that would actually work!

And here it is....... ta daaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Over and out.