Saturday, 19 May 2012

Figgy Lane has gone Quackers!

So we know Figgy Lane has gone a bit cake crazy recently... 
when I say a bit.... But we just can't help it! 
Our latest creation was for an event at a lovely pub in Brighton called the Mucky Duck and the cake was raffled off to raise money which was pretty exciting!
Are you ready.....


We felt it only right to carry on the duck theme so we made some duckie cupcakes to sell too!

We managed to raise £60 from it which was awesome! Also the guy that won it cut it up and shared it between everyone so loads of people got to enjoy it :)

Thats all for now! We'll catch you up with our nails designs some time soon! 
Ttfn Figgy Lane :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Another cake bites the dust...

So we seem to have gone slightly cake crazy at the moment... you know this is the case when a relative tells you your starting to look like a cake (probably not meant as a compliment.....)
But who cares...


Mmmmmm sprinkles and chocolate eggs!!

Deano the Dino. This was for a kiddies tea party *cough* 21st Birthday *cough*...
P.s Yes that is more cake in the background... My name is Figgy Lane and I am a cakeoholic...

Red velvet cake! Sooo yummy! 

As the evening went on it got purpler...

and purpler... 

 Grandpa Figgy enjoying a nice slice of cake!

Cupcake anyone?

We leave you with the latest cake made by Bean Lane...

Can you guess who it is?!

'Piece' out! Haha O so Witty! Love your Figgy Lane!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Not your typical cheese cake.....

Whaddup dawggggggs!
This week Figgy Lane have been busy getting inventive cake style and making....


Fancy a slice of Brie?


Holey moley cheese?

Our lovely housemates had previously cleaned the kitchen but it soon got pretty messy once we got creative.... all in the name of art guys!

It got eaten extremely quickly after everyone decided on what the best way to cut up a cheese cake was- slice each cheese seperately or the cake as a whole? After all it is all cake including the board and knife!

Another happy customer! Happy Birthday Libby!!!!!!!!!

I hope Wallace and Gromit would approve.

From your ever so cheesy, Figgy Lane.