Sunday, 12 May 2013

Peanut butter cake!!!!!!

So its been a while since we have made a cake due to only weeks till we graduate! AHH!! However it was one of The Lane's bestest friends birthdays so cake making duty was back on! 
She LOVES LOVES LOVES peanut butter so me and my friend Fi made a peanut butter and chocolate marble cake!!

The cake sponge and the icing where both a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. Very sweet but very yummy!!!

 We used Lakelands duel piping bag for the icing so simple but so effective!

We also added some popping candy on the top!!
Very happy customer!!

Ciao for now!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The World is just a Great Big Onion

It was Wig Wam's birthday at the end of March, and of course in true Figgy Lane style, it was time to get baking! Wig Wam has food allergy problems and onions are one of the worst for her, so I thought it would be hilarious to make a cake in the shape of an onion! It's a food she can't eat, but now she can!

I thought it would be fun to make two different types of onion and show off the inside of a red onion to add a bit of texture and colour.

The cake was a white chocolate orange cake, which we have used in loads of other cakes, but was requested by Wig Wam, as it was sooo tasty the last time she had it!

Coils of purple and white were used to create the rings of the onion and then painted detail was added later on with food colouring.

Using more food colouring mixed in with icing sugar to create a paste, I was able to add more colour and definition to the onion. 

And the result was one happy customer who was very surprised to receive a cake in the shape of an onion!

Figgy x

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pugs not drugs.

So the same weekend that Figgy was making Nestie's cutey cake I was also up to baking mischief making this little pug for my sister!! If you have been following us from the beginning you may remember the last cake I made my sister was the PANDA cake so I needed something to beat that, and what better then an ickle pug!!!

"Who you looking at?"

"Ready for my close-up!"

To the side....

To the other side...

(You may of noticed at this point that I have a lot of pics of it finished but none of the process!! Figgy is the one that remembers to get the camera out during the making!!)

Happy customer!!

Cake with candles!! It was chocolate orange flavour with a chocolate ganache and super yummy!! Happy faces all round!!

Ciao bella!

Your Loving Lane.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nestie's Birthday!

Last week it was Figgy's Cuzzie Ernesto's first birthday and what better way to celebrate this bundle of cuteness' life, than with a signature Figgy Lane cake!

With help from Wig Wam and her boyfriend, we were able to make a cute cake, inspired by one of his favourite toys, which we were told after we arrived, he had been playing with it that morning and had laughed and amused himself for ages!

It took a hell of a lot of eggs!

And orange zest

And juice

And discarded shells

To create this giant block of deliiiiiiicious cakey goodness that I like to call my best friend :) or as you might know him, white chocolate orange cake. We have mentioned this cake recipe in a past blog post when we made our tudor rose cake, but if you can't be bothered to look that far back then here's the recipe. I highly recommend this cake and so does all my family as it went down a treat!

This is a picture before we added the faces to the icing and before the icing started to sag and melt off the cake.... Who would have thought this cake would be sooo hard?!?! I thought it was going to be the easiest cake I'd ever made, but alas, it was not to be true! Even sculpting fondant icing into cylinder shapes was ridiculously hard (causing us to arrive to the party an hour late...)

As you can see here, the icing has sagged immensely! But no one seemed to mind apart from me, and the deliciousness overrode the disaster that it was!

And finally, the birthday boy enjoying all the attention. The cake was so real that he tried to play with it by trying to push down one of the icing heads! And if that isn't a sign of success then I don't know what is?!

The Figster 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Elmer the Elephant!

So after Figgy made me (The Lane) my amazing cake I knew I needed to get my thinking cap on for her birthday and with a couple of little helpers made this little guy!

Elmer the Elephant!!

Even the sponge was rainbow coloured!

Just chillin..

Lane's little helpers had to cut out ALOT of squares of icing which we stuck on with yummy lemon butter icing...

Candles at the ready which looked like crayons!

Last shot before he was eaten up!!

Lemon rainbow cake! Yummmy.

A success! Over and out.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chocolate heaven.

So as you may of guessed its cake season.... 
Figgy and Lane's birthdays are actually only 3 days apart! Which means ALOT of cake.
With alot of pressure.
My amazing friends made this SCRUMPTIOUS cake for me:

It tasted SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! With a chocolate icing which had crunchie chocolate bars in it. YUMMM.

Spoilt birthday girl!

The cake even had a suprise inside!

Green and Orange Cake!

Very Exciting!

Thats all for now! Now for Figgy's Birthday!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Obsession....

So I (The Lane) Have a slight obsession with this....

It's kind of... AMAZING!!!
Its not the best thing since sliced bread... 
ITS THE BEST THING ON SLICED BREAD. Or eaten any way for that matter....
My fave is just straight out the jar...

Soooooooooo when my birthday appeared Figgy thought what better cake to make than...

My very own cake version which tasted SO GOOD...

And made me very happy!


 It was chocolate orange flavoured with a big scoop of choco orange spread under the lid!

On closer inspection...

At least it's only 1 calorie per jar like the real thing....... 
Ps I'll let you in on a secret there is no MAY about it getting addictive, it WILL.

Colourful candles!! Best cake ever.

Very Happy Bunny.xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cake poppin'

 it was our lovely friends birthday last week and so to celebrate she decided to have a cake decorating party! We thought what better thing to take to be decorated than....

Rainbow cake pops!! 

Yummy cake mixture before...

Ta- da!! SO many cupcakes! SO much icing, chocolate and sweets.
SOOOOOOOO much fun.

Disco hedgehog...

With a rather exciting core..

I'm an alien! I'm an alien!

Going green....

Anddddd after eating the alien it turned into a frog!
Which I'm sure if kissed would turn into a Prince!

Snap, Crackle and Pop-ed out.