Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pancake cake!

It was my (figgy's) mum's birthday, so Wig Wam and I decided to make Jamie Oliver's pancake cake, which looked delicious on his recent program. (The recipe for this cake can be found here on his website.) My mum loved it and had a great birthday!

Look at those colours!

Mmmm Mmmmm

Before the toppings

Mmm dark chocolate shavings, ready to be sprinkled by my oh so delicate hands!

I recommend you give this one a try! But I would advise that you add a bit more sugar to the chocolate and cream because it was slightly too bitter. It's pretty lemon squeezy (that's easy peasy!)

Figgy x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Safari/jungle nails

So this week the Lane and I decided to enter a competition on finger painted blog and the Lane did hers a few days ago. I'd just finished painting a t-shirt with a multicolourd elephant (it is V cool btw!) and was inspiiiired to paint some more animals. 

Ta-daaaaaa! I'm very proud of my giraffe modelled on Wig Wam's naiolas, even my Dad thought they were cool! And that's saying a lot!

Close up of its cute face!

I tried to capture the Giraffe's knobbly knees


It's like a magicians box when the person's all split up inside!

Beautifully modelled Wig Wam

These are the nails I did first, but then I realised that the competition was about safaris... not the rainforest! haha but then The Lane informed me that we could do both! Horaaah!

Who's a pretty polly?

A little bit of foliage for ya!

And that's all for now chaps!

Figgy x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Hakuna Matata!

From the day we arrive on this planet...
No I'm not going to just quote Lion King song lyrics throughout this post but while painting my latest nails this was all that was happening in my little old brain! My latest creation was for a competition over at Lexi's blog Finger Painted. 
The theme was Safari which was a pretty awesome idea and so much fun to go with!
Here was my design!


I started off by doing the sunset background as gradient nails. 

This was my first time trying this technique so I was pretty happy with the results!

Wig Wam says I have very small 'cute' nails!

My fingers working the different angles...

So the design... I hope you can tell but in case not from left to right we have a Lion, an Elephant, a Giraffe and then the setting sun. 

I love love love sun sets and silhouettes so this was an obvious design for me!

When we occasionally have sunny days in the UK....

I hope I have done Timon and Pumba proud,

The Lane.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Now that I (figgy) am back at home, I have been surrounded by the Wig Wam nail virus! I have done my nails 3 times in 2 weeks... which is pretty big for me! (I usually keep mine on until they start to crumble off.)

I'm not someone with a lot of patience and attention to detail like the Lane, so I like to keep it simples.

I wanted to do a french manicure with a little twist by adding some cute red dots!

After doing the bee cake, I think I've been infected with the bee virus too! 

 Just my nails chilling on some honey ;)

And one shiny gold nail to add a little sparklyness

So, I'm not very good at painting my right hand.... so I have to resort for simpler things that my left hand can handle! I just taped off the bottoms and put on some gold sparkly nail varnish.

How cool are my new trousers!?

And that's all folks!
Smell ya latersssss x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

"I see owls, here, there and everywhere...."

You know that hit song by Calvin Harris....
But its true. There is so much owl stuff out there and Mumma Lane is obsessed!
She just can't resist cute little owls!!!! 
If you don't know if your an owl fan yet this video should help you decide....'watch me!'
So now you've watched the video and are also obsessed I'm sure you will enjoy this post thoroughly!

Ta Da! Owl Eccles Cakes!

Some owl bunting I made Mumma Lane!
(A sneak preview from a different post! Shh! Don't tell Figgy!)

And of course Owl Nails have had to happen!!!

Twiitttt twooo!

Easter owls!! Our Easter chicks just couldn't face being chicks no more so had little operations to be cooler birds!!

So Mumma Lane doesn't like cake!!!! And I could just see a cute little owl cake with colourful icing but alas I had to think aside from this and went for Eccles cakes instead. These were very popular with the fam and disappeared very quickly.

If you ever fancy making some Eccles cakes I can definately recommend making them owl shaped it just adds to the yummyness. Figgy doesn't like currants so an alternative I made was chocolate and marshmellow fillings! Yum yum!

From the Lane of the Figgy.