Sunday, 27 January 2013


Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Oooh Yellow and Black!
Introducing our newest cake creation:

Lots of bee's on a bee hive.... and not the Amy Winehouse kind....


Barry the Bee's close up!

Aren't they just Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful?

A friend even had the idea of having flying ones on cocktail sticks!

Just hanging...

Ready for hapbeeee birthday songs

It even had a stripey core to the cake! Chocolate and orange flavoured!

Bee avalanche!

Thats all for now honey bunny! Hope you enjoy!!
Figgy Lane.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tudor Rose!

Hi :)
Recently Figgy Lane have been attempting to experiment a bit more with their cake making.
We wanted to work on having a few more flavours we can work with. And making the inside as crazy as the outside. Hence the rainbow cake inside the unicorn (see below).
Soooooo when it was our next friends birthday.....
Figgy got her funk on and found a recipe for a white chocolate and orange cake.
Which was DELICIOUS.
Here's the finished result!

A white chocolate and orange tudor rose of course!

Everyone agreed this was very fitting for our friend so we got about decorating the top without using any of our good old friend fondant icing.

The white part is a white chocolate frosting Figgy made, and then we coloured white chocolate pink/red for the outside. This was kinda cool as it slightly set making a shell to the cake.

Here's the recipe for the cake if you fancy making it! It's very scrummy!

Thats how for now!
Figgy Lane.