Tuesday, 3 April 2012



So Figgy has gone away on holiday for three weeks leaving the blog in my hands....... So I felt what better way to celebrate.... I mean commiserate this then to jazz up some nails! 

If I say so myself I am rather proud of these fruity nails but don't think I would be able to handle painting them on my own hands as it would just make me so peckish all the time! Just looking at this picture as I write this blog is making me want to go and make a smoothie! 

I also find it so much more enjoyable painting other peoples nails then my own....

         - Firsty because I have such short little stubby nails that refuse to grow long and luscious!

         - Secondly as after I paint my nails I'm guaranteed to smudge them within 30 seconds

         - And Thirdly.... It make people so happy and spreads a bit of love!

Talking about love....  I know I said no more pictures of my adopted cat.... But this is pretty cool right??


Love from the Lane.

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  1. Haha; same problem here; my nails are way too short, but I love nailart :(