Saturday, 19 May 2012

Figgy Lane has gone Quackers!

So we know Figgy Lane has gone a bit cake crazy recently... 
when I say a bit.... But we just can't help it! 
Our latest creation was for an event at a lovely pub in Brighton called the Mucky Duck and the cake was raffled off to raise money which was pretty exciting!
Are you ready.....


We felt it only right to carry on the duck theme so we made some duckie cupcakes to sell too!

We managed to raise £60 from it which was awesome! Also the guy that won it cut it up and shared it between everyone so loads of people got to enjoy it :)

Thats all for now! We'll catch you up with our nails designs some time soon! 
Ttfn Figgy Lane :)


  1. This is so adorable/amazing. My mum and I have wanted to make fun cakes for a while (she used to make the cutest ones for my birthday when I was little). I will defo show her ur blog!
    Do you just use fondant icing for the modelling?
    Can't wait to see ur nail designs (and more cakes!) x

    1. thankssss!!! aww thats cute! you should try and see if you can find some old photos of her cakes. yh its just fondant icing with loads of different coloured food colouring.
      we will have more nails and cakes soon dont you worry! :D xx

  2. Ahhhh LOVE IT guys!!!! Can I just point out that this year for my birthday I didn't actually get a cake.....

    1. well thats cus they dont really have cake mixture on caribbean islands!

  3. Oh my god! That looks amazing :-) I'm a little bit in love with your blog right now! Have followed :-)

    1. ooo you!! thanks linzi! im glad our blog has entertained your eyes! thanks for following! :D