Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tangy Tuesday!!!

So Figgy Lane paint nails at our university once a week and this week was Tangy Tuesday!! Each week there is a theme which is cheaper to have and this week it was fruit nails!!! There were sooo many juicy nails goinnngg dowwnnnn..




Fancy a slice?

Strike a pose!

I carried a watermelon....

Super Sweet Strawberries...

Fruit photographyyyyyyy

Monkey and Banananananananaassss

Strawberry vs Kiwi!

Fruit Salad!

These were some nails we did non- fruit themed as she liked the previous posts these are a take on these!! We loved the shape of her nails!

Paint splodges and a paint brush!!

Ta-da!!!! Next its furry friday!!! See you then!! Figgy Lane!!!


  1. Omg these are all so AWESOME!! I love the apple ones, I haven't seen them cut in half on nails like that before!

    1. thanks! i saw some similar ones on another blog and i just haaad to give it a go, think they turned out pretty well :)