Monday, 12 November 2012

In the Jungle...

Hello :)
As some of you may know Figgy Lane have a stall at their University where they paint nails about once a month. There's always a theme which is cheaper and this week it was....
Well basically any animal inspired nails anyone could think of!

So that our loving customers has inspirations Figgy and I painted each of our nails with a different design...

Cow print, Turtle, Fish, Owl and Giraffe.

Leopard, Tiger, Ladybird, Zebra and Peacock.

More designs!

Turtle, Butterfly wing, Sheep, Bumblebee, and Panda.

Peacock, Tiger, Ladybird, Pawprints and leopard.

Taking a pic of a customers design!

In the UK we actually get Leopards all these different colours...

Funky coloured Tigers..

Laneypie at work.. oh so professional...

A customers selection!

Love Figgy and Lane.


  1. Love the nails and the fact that you guys have a booth set up, where you paint peoples nails.


    1. thanks sara! yh our stall hasn't happened many times, but its still been pretty fun!