Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Elmer the Elephant!

So after Figgy made me (The Lane) my amazing cake I knew I needed to get my thinking cap on for her birthday and with a couple of little helpers made this little guy!

Elmer the Elephant!!

Even the sponge was rainbow coloured!

Just chillin..

Lane's little helpers had to cut out ALOT of squares of icing which we stuck on with yummy lemon butter icing...

Candles at the ready which looked like crayons!

Last shot before he was eaten up!!

Lemon rainbow cake! Yummmy.

A success! Over and out.


  1. Awww, Elmer! He's one of our favorites to read about at bedtime in our house. The cake looks lovely!

  2. HELLO GIRLS! So sorry i didn't reply to your post on my blog earlier... you know more then anyone how much time this cake decorating lark takes up! Love the elephant, especially the multi coloured insides, that kinda thing is right up my street! I also LOVE your blog background, its so jazzy! Looking at your pics it reminds me of being a student in Brighton... we're like twins!
    So yeah, detail wise i use the powdered colours with a drop of alcohol, or sometimes i mix them with royal icing... hope that helps?

    Chris xxx


    1. hey twin! i thought you just didnt love us! ;)
      thaaaanks! we just got all our stuff from our rooms and shoved it on a piece of paper and took a picture!
      ahh cool i didnt know you could get powdered colours, we just paint straight onto the icing with food colouring (we're not as profesh as you) but thanks for the advice!

  3. wowo cool!! love the insides... brilliant! ^__^