Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pugs not drugs.

So the same weekend that Figgy was making Nestie's cutey cake I was also up to baking mischief making this little pug for my sister!! If you have been following us from the beginning you may remember the last cake I made my sister was the PANDA cake so I needed something to beat that, and what better then an ickle pug!!!

"Who you looking at?"

"Ready for my close-up!"

To the side....

To the other side...

(You may of noticed at this point that I have a lot of pics of it finished but none of the process!! Figgy is the one that remembers to get the camera out during the making!!)

Happy customer!!

Cake with candles!! It was chocolate orange flavour with a chocolate ganache and super yummy!! Happy faces all round!!

Ciao bella!

Your Loving Lane.


  1. ha this cake is awesome!!! glad i found your blog, love your style and that you like to make CRAZY cakes!


    1. aww thanks lyndsay! we are trying to work on perfecting our simple cake decorating skills now. gotta learn the basics before we move on to bigger things!