Friday, 1 June 2012

It's Official....

When someone who doesn't even like cake asks you to make them a birthday cake.... 
well you know then you've made it big time. 
This week it was our lovely housemates birthday...


She studies English literature so we felt it was only right to make cake books!

We even made up her own fairy tale!

What cake would be complete without a pig reading a book on it?!

For her birthday we had a BBQ on the beach and so we took the cake with us!

It was even pink inside!

Figgy Lane and the Birthday Girl chilling with cake on the beach!


  1. You guys are sooo cool and cute. Love the attention to pink detail!!1

    1. ooo thanks veeg! yhhh and we saved a cupcake of cake mix cus lizzie loves cake mix!

  2. Amazing cake work! However I got to ask, how can there be anyone out there who doesn't like cake?

    1. I know I KNOW, so crazy!!!!! If you want to see more cakes you should follow the blog! :D :D