Friday, 7 September 2012

Tatty Devine!

So so soooo I don't remember if you remember me telling you that I was tres busy at the moment and I would explain why in a later post?

Basically I have been working at a lovely lovely jewellery company called Tatty Devine, if you havn't seen their stuff you should check them out as they are super coooooool. I've been working there for a month and this week was my last week which meannnnnsssssss    CAKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Me and Figgy worked our butts off on this cake trying out a new style (for us) of melting chocolate and shaping it to make the dinosaur which is a necklace Tatty sell which I own and LOVEEEEEEE.

Ta-Da!! Said necklace!! Cool right?!

Decorated with mini m&'s!! The sugar skulls are another of Tatty's jewellery collections! (Half price in the sale as we speak! Just in case you were wondering..)

You can get any word you want on a necklace and so of course I had to get MONKEYYYY as I am part monkey. It was so fun working there and making up all the name necklaces people had requested! (People get some crazy weird things on their necklaces!!!)

On one side was the bird below and on the other a lobster they sell. Sadly the necklace doesn't have m&m eyes!

Tweet tweet!

The cake was chocolate flavoured and highly appreciated by everyones bellies!

At the end I got this beautiful beautiful leopard necklace as a pressie for all my hard hard work which basically involved me drooling over all the necklaces (because I wanted them all not because I am some weird drooler!). So basically the best job I've ever had!
Do you own any Tatty jewellery? It's pretty expensive but definately worth treating yourself as I  get SOOO many compliments (plus strange looks for wearing a necklace that says Monkey!)

Love the Lane :) xx


  1. Wow, interesting jewelry for sure! Your cake is amazing!Your frog and duck cake in your logo is also really amazing.You guys have definitely got talent.


    1. thanks sara! it had been a while since we made a cool cake, so i was glad when this one came along!