Monday, 27 August 2012

Oh So Buntilicious.

Sooooooo keeping you updated with all things figgy and funky...
We've just moved out of our lovely (but a bit mouldy) house and thought we would share some of its lovely buntingness with you.....
We are slightly bunting crazy and have managed to infect our nearest and dearest with this bunting disease!!

Ta-Da!!! Bunting upstairs and downstairs!!


For Mumma Lane who everyone knows loves her owls!

Close up.... not your typical coloured barn owls...

Bunting for babies!!

Circular to avoid harm from sharp edges ;)

Hungry caterpillar bunting!!!! If you look closely you can see little legs on each circle!

Mamma Lane had to get into the picture too because she was soo proud of her new bunting!

And even minier bunting!

Adding a splash of colour!

Bunting bunting everywhere...

Figgy just had to get some bunting in at her parents house to brighten up the place!

Duck bunting worn as jewellery..... ( Wow talk about how many times you can use the word bunting in a post.....)

PHEW!!! Over and Out!!!! 
Figgy Lane.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the owl bunting!

    1. Thanks! The Lane did those for her momma and i think she loveeed them :)