Saturday, 3 March 2012


Meet the cutest cat in the world!!!!!! Before you get too scared no I'm not a crazy cat lady who is going to post hundreds of pictures of her cats doing different things, just this one as you have to admit... he is SOO CUTE. Also if it makes it better he is my adopted cat. Figgy named him Hamish, but the other day we found out his name is.... wait for it.... Josh..... we feel Hamish or Hammy as he's known is wayyyyy more appropriate. Also don't worry I think Josh's real parents know how attached we are to him as today they came out the house while Hammy was just chilling sat on my lap. 

Has anyone ever read the Where's Wally books were you look for the dogs tail on each page? Figgy says she does that looking for Hammy in our garden every morning as all she can see is a fluffy orange tail.

Love from the Lane.

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