Saturday, 3 March 2012

Shaun the Sheep.


It's the Lane! Me and Figgy are getting a bit or a reputation for our crazy cakes and the monkey cake she made me was SOOO YUMMY. As our birthdays are the same week it was a pretty big week on the cake calendar and the war was on to make each other the most amazing cakes EVER, without the help of each other........ I decided to make Figgy a rainbow cake.... so each layer of sponge would be a different colour.

This was the plan, and it was going pretty smoothly me and my little helper made 5 of the layers the night before and the colours were quite pale as we used natural food colourings (big mistake!) but it was going okay. Then a couple of my friends came to visit me with the most AMAZING rainbow cake in the world. It is clearly something about me and my friends that we both had the same idea to make a rainbow sponge cake... something I don't think is that common, but correct me on that if I'm wrong. ANYWAY I then had to do some drastic changing and make the rainbow cake into something funky....... Figgy has a certain soft spot for a well known famous sheep so the cake was made (a cake that was SO huge it had 18 eggs in it!!!!) 

Voila!!! Hope you like, sorry we've ate it all now so you won't be able to sample it...... 

Shaun the Sheep.

See you later, Alligator.

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