Monday, 19 March 2012


It has been a while since we last posted something so I thought I'd get things moving again! Figgy and Lane have recently been to the land of Munich and had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G few days! As my friend Bobbie sings sunn is shinnninngggggg, the ICE CREAM was sweeetttttt...

Possibly the most yummy ice creams I have ever eaten?!

In true Figgy Lane style we had to rock some funky nails for the trip.................... 

(Click to enlarge - Lane's ladybirds left, Figgy's MUNICH right!)

Quite often we paint each others nails to avoid that tricky hand you have to do with your non dominant hand but I (Lane) had gone home for my sisters birthday (cake pictures to follow!) so we had to do our own! This means some of my ladybird eyes are slightly wiggly (Also I am VERY impatient and didn't really wait  till it had dried when topcoating) but I hope the overall cuteness is recieved. Figgy's nails read MU-N-I-C-H!!

Anyway now we are back we'll get back to blogging! Just for you our one little wig-waming follower, hopefully you will have friends soon!!

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  1. I am the wig-wamming follower!! I haven't posted anything on my own blog for long tiiiimes. Get looking at some other blogs to promote yourself??