Sunday, 17 June 2012

No more naked nails....

 So Figgy and myself both study 3D design at University and so spend our days doing things that take joy in removing our lovely nails straight after we have painted them! (I find this more of a problem as I am so clumsy!) 
But honestly there are chemicals that just take off a beautifully mani 
within seconds. However...... SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER......... So bearing this in mind........

We funked up our nails big time!

Va Va Voom!

Got pretty patriotic *cough* drunk *cough* for the Queen....

Its like waving lots of mini flags..

Time for Pimms?

A bit fuzzy on the edges but I couldn't resist trying MIKE WAZOWSKI!!


Something about these makes me want to eat

Do you ever find designs remind you of what you were doing/watching while you were doing them? In this case Greys Anatomy!

We designed and entered a nail competition at the lovely Concrete and nail polish blog!

One of about a hundred origami cranes we have hanging in our lounge windows...

Phew!! Thats it for now!! Thank you for reading :)

And Thank you to our lovely followers! We've hit double figures! Yay!

 Figgy and Lane!!


  1. Love the nails! I wouldn't be able to stand not being able to paint my nails. Thank god for summer, aha.


    1. tell me about it! i dont like painting my nails because i know as soon as i get into workshops theyre just gunna be scraped or melted off!! yaaaay for summer!! :)