Sunday, 24 June 2012


So it was my (Figgy's) baby cousins 1st birthday this week so I was assigned the task of creating a cool dude cake! Seeing as my cousin is only one, he still has no proper interests apart from shoving things in his mouth and screaming, so coming up with a cake idea was kinda hard! But then, the light bulb illuminated and the bee cake was born!!!!

Aww isn't he cute?! 

Mmmm lemon drizzle. This was the secret inside that would only be revealed once it was cut!

Bee was getting dressed in his stripes.

Black and yellow, black and yellow, ooo yellow and black! (That's a bee movie reference if you didn't get it :D)

That's Wig Wam my sisterrr glossing up the bee!

He is toooooo cute!!

Such a happy bee! I'm flying without wiiiings

These were going to be the wings, but they crumbled while I was holding them, 10 mins before we had to leave...

The caramely stuff burnt and I didn't really like the brown wings, so we went with these...


Surpriseeeee!! Everyone loved the cake and said it was amazing and beeautiful! 

Nothing was left by the end apart from the antennae, mainly because they weren't edible! 

Job done. One happy baby. One happy bee. 

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