Saturday, 7 July 2012

"I see owls, here, there and everywhere...."

You know that hit song by Calvin Harris....
But its true. There is so much owl stuff out there and Mumma Lane is obsessed!
She just can't resist cute little owls!!!! 
If you don't know if your an owl fan yet this video should help you decide....'watch me!'
So now you've watched the video and are also obsessed I'm sure you will enjoy this post thoroughly!

Ta Da! Owl Eccles Cakes!

Some owl bunting I made Mumma Lane!
(A sneak preview from a different post! Shh! Don't tell Figgy!)

And of course Owl Nails have had to happen!!!

Twiitttt twooo!

Easter owls!! Our Easter chicks just couldn't face being chicks no more so had little operations to be cooler birds!!

So Mumma Lane doesn't like cake!!!! And I could just see a cute little owl cake with colourful icing but alas I had to think aside from this and went for Eccles cakes instead. These were very popular with the fam and disappeared very quickly.

If you ever fancy making some Eccles cakes I can definately recommend making them owl shaped it just adds to the yummyness. Figgy doesn't like currants so an alternative I made was chocolate and marshmellow fillings! Yum yum!

From the Lane of the Figgy.

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