Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Now that I (figgy) am back at home, I have been surrounded by the Wig Wam nail virus! I have done my nails 3 times in 2 weeks... which is pretty big for me! (I usually keep mine on until they start to crumble off.)

I'm not someone with a lot of patience and attention to detail like the Lane, so I like to keep it simples.

I wanted to do a french manicure with a little twist by adding some cute red dots!

After doing the bee cake, I think I've been infected with the bee virus too! 

 Just my nails chilling on some honey ;)

And one shiny gold nail to add a little sparklyness

So, I'm not very good at painting my right hand.... so I have to resort for simpler things that my left hand can handle! I just taped off the bottoms and put on some gold sparkly nail varnish.

How cool are my new trousers!?

And that's all folks!
Smell ya latersssss x


  1. How did you do the triangular honeycombs? They are so intricate! I could never have done that with a striper (if that's how you did it well done!) nice manicures! :)

    1. i just started on the yellow line and did a kindof pyramid thing. im crap at explaining! but basically with a nail pen, loads of stuff that looks quite hard is actually not that hard to do! hope that kindof makes sense... :P