Monday, 16 July 2012

Hakuna Matata!

From the day we arrive on this planet...
No I'm not going to just quote Lion King song lyrics throughout this post but while painting my latest nails this was all that was happening in my little old brain! My latest creation was for a competition over at Lexi's blog Finger Painted. 
The theme was Safari which was a pretty awesome idea and so much fun to go with!
Here was my design!


I started off by doing the sunset background as gradient nails. 

This was my first time trying this technique so I was pretty happy with the results!

Wig Wam says I have very small 'cute' nails!

My fingers working the different angles...

So the design... I hope you can tell but in case not from left to right we have a Lion, an Elephant, a Giraffe and then the setting sun. 

I love love love sun sets and silhouettes so this was an obvious design for me!

When we occasionally have sunny days in the UK....

I hope I have done Timon and Pumba proud,

The Lane.


  1. I showed this to my sister (she saw The Lion King in theatre in London and has been obsessed ever since) and she loves it! Well done, lovely mani! :)

    1. :O soo jealous! ive always wanted to watch the lion king in the theatre :( thanks becca and beccas sister! x