Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Safari/jungle nails

So this week the Lane and I decided to enter a competition on finger painted blog and the Lane did hers a few days ago. I'd just finished painting a t-shirt with a multicolourd elephant (it is V cool btw!) and was inspiiiired to paint some more animals. 

Ta-daaaaaa! I'm very proud of my giraffe modelled on Wig Wam's naiolas, even my Dad thought they were cool! And that's saying a lot!

Close up of its cute face!

I tried to capture the Giraffe's knobbly knees


It's like a magicians box when the person's all split up inside!

Beautifully modelled Wig Wam

These are the nails I did first, but then I realised that the competition was about safaris... not the rainforest! haha but then The Lane informed me that we could do both! Horaaah!

Who's a pretty polly?

A little bit of foliage for ya!

And that's all for now chaps!

Figgy x


  1. I'm so proud to be included in this competition!!!! I think the knees are the best bits... :D

  2. you are awesome..I love your blog...'nuff said! :)