Saturday, 18 August 2012

Every nail has a silver lining...

So this post is dedicated to one of my (Lane's) favourite nail polishes!
Barry M's 'Instant Nail Effects Foil - Silver'....

 Its just SO shiny!! I feel like the Tin Man from wizard of Oz when I wear it!! 
Also you only need one coat and it is super chip resistant which is SOOO good for me as I am super clumsy! 

I've done this design before but this time did it even more colourful and you can never have too much colour! I just couldn't decide between pink...

or orange... So did one hand of each...

Dooo doo doo...

Getting both the hands in their so you can see both the lovely orange nails and the pinkies... I still can't decide which colour I prefer on this design and liked having a hand of each!

My second design using the lovely lovely silver... 
( I think it is evident I am a big fan of turquoise...)

Little Pinkie!

Joining the line!

My chubby little hands...

These were my painted holidays nails! Wahoo! Holidayyyyyyyyy holiday cellleeebratteeeeee celebrate....

Look how shiny they are!! I've only recently started gradient nails and I just love how easy but awesome it is!

I didn't do a brilliant job of cleaning the edges (you probably noticed from the photos) this was mainly due to the fact that I knocked a nail varnish over while painting and it went EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE in my mum's bathroom. Oops! At least it went with the colour scheme!

GREEN! I actually preferred the colours on this hand but it didn't really photograph as well as the blue!

My dad found it hilarious to find me sat in the bathtub fully dressed painting my nails so decided to take a picture.

Oh the possibilities are endless oh little silver ray of polish! 

I'm afraid I haven't been able to post in a while as I have been a busy bee!! (Hopefully in a couple of weeks you will all see why!!) But Figgy has been on it like sonic with her AWESOME entries for the penguin competition!!! She has got us lots of new followers so YAYYY and HELLO :)

 Tar-rah! The Lane.


  1. I love the first ones, make me think of a circus!

    I tagged you for an award! :)

  2. I love your green gradient nails! The colours are really pretty and i'm loving your penguin competition looks. They're so creative!


  3. thanks sara! they were some of my favourite blog posts! x

  4. Now that was some nails art!!! The sponging and the stripes was so creative, and so many version of them too! Wonderful! And in the bathtub too haha, hilarious!!!

    And i just must add how much i love your background display! I did a lot of crafting as a kid, folding papers in the most endless of ways, so it certainly bring back memories!!/Azure

    1. hahaha yh The Lane is a strange one sitting in the bath... we worry about her sometimes :P

      we decided to do the background to represent each of us. mines the left and The Lanes is the right. each representing out personality! yhh papaer craftings is the best!

  5. Amazing nail art!!
    Please take a look at my blog or even follow me x